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OnlineTradingIQ is a Biggest Trading and Investing Educational Platform which is designed to help improve financial issues currently facing Africans.

We on the mission to build profitable traders and connect Africans to Africans, from North to South by providing them with quality education to improve their lives.

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While selling courses is a profitable business model for several forex gurus out there – we personally feel it isn’t ethical to hide knowledge behind a paid wall. Especially since over 80-90% of people who enroll in paid courses don’t actually take action.

We hope YOU take action, so let the learning begin.

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Did we mention that learning at OnlineTradingIQ is absolutely free? We hate bait and switch schemes as much as you do, which is why we gonna get you started even from being a complete beginner to trading for a living. And you won’t have to worry about hidden charges and fees.

By registering with OnlineTradingIQ, clients instantly get free unlimited access to all our Educational Material and Trading Signals!

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OnlineTradingIQ has scoured the web to supply you with only the best and most professional information. Our Instructors were once new to trading themselves, so they can explain the challenges and strategies to new traders. Through trial and error, our experienced Tutors and Authors will provide you with the staple education that is essential to become a Professional Trader.

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When you get your Broker information from another source, you may unknowingly be fed biased information that only shows you have the picture. At OnlineTradingIQ, we’re independent, so we can show you both the good and the bad in our reviews of potential brokers, so you have an edge on what broker to choose, whilst also going through other User Reviews!

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